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Gaza Journalist to Receive Martin Adler Prize

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Khaled Abu Ghali to receive Martin Adler Prize

Monday, 10 November 2014 Written by Rory Peck Trust

The Trust announced today that Palestinian journalist, fixer and translator Khaled Abu Ghali, will be the recipient of this year’s Martin Adler Prize at the Rory Peck Awards.

Khaled Abu Ghali  who lives and works in Rafah, southern Gaza, receives the Martin Adler Prize in recognition of his exceptional fourteen year career as a journalist, fixer and translator. He has covered many of Gaza’s most intense periods of conflict, most notably in 2006, 2009, 2012, working for, and contributing to, many of the world’s most prominent news outlets.

Khaled is known among journalists for his invaluable breadth of knowledge, experience and skill and for his impartiality and professionalism, despite living with the personal impact of war. Channel 4 News’ Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Miller, who worked with Khaled during the most recent conflict in Gaza, said he assumed a critical journalistic role during that time, delivering top-level interviewees and supporting reporters and news teams in the field.

Says Jonathan Miller: “Despite the increasing intensity of Israel’s bombing campaign and the escalating level of risk for journalists on the ground, Khaled worked flat out for weeks. He continued to do so even when his own wife and children were forced to evacuate their family home in Rafah, and when a close friend was killed in an air-strike.  Khaled is respected by visiting foreign journalists and admired by Gaza’s own journalistic fraternity as a man of great integrity. He fully recognises and respects the importance of journalistic impartiality in reporting the Israel-Palestinian conflict, despite having witnessed and lived with the raw emotion of war for so long.”

Another correspondent who worked with Khaled comments: “Calling Khaled a fixer is a serious understatement. Having Khaled with you is like having another top-end producer.”

The Martin Adler Prize honours a local freelancer who has made a significant contribution to newsgathering. The aim of the prize is to highlight the dedication and talent of freelancers who work under challenging and difficult circumstances within their own country, and who go largely un-recognised.

Khaled will be receive the prize at the Rory Peck Awards ceremony on Wednesday 19 November at London’s BFI Southbank, hosted by Sky News’ Alex Crawford and Channel 4’s Alex Thomson.

Read the full press release here.

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