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Group: 13 Palestinians Detained By Israel EVERY SINGLE DAY

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GENEVA (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities detained 400 Palestinians in the month of January, or around 13 per day, an Arab rights group has said.

According to a statement by the Arab Group for Development and National Empowerment, the 400 detainees included around 57 individuals who were less than 18 years old as well as 18 women.

The group said that most of the detainees were from the West Bank and Jerusalem, but 15 of them were Gazans include four fishermen who were detained while working. Another four were businessmen and merchants detained at the Erez crossing into Israel.

The group said that in January Israeli authorities issued orders for the detention without charge or trial of more than 100 Palestinians, a tactic known as administrative detention.

Authorities also renewed the administrative detention of dozens, which raised the number of administrative detainees in Israeli custody to around 500 Palestinians.

The Arab Group for Development and National Empowerment also expressed concern regarding an increase in “random and group detentions” targeting Palestinians, including women and children, in the statement.

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