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Headlines From Palestine: February 14, 2015

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Maan Image Archive

Maan Image Archive

Israeli Occupation Forces Shoot At Farmers In Northern And Southern Gaza On Friday

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West Bank and Occupied Lands


Israeli Occupation Forces Critically Injure Palestinian With Live Fire In Azzun

A 20-year-old Palestinian was injured Saturday after Israeli soldiers shot him with a live bullet as he was taking part in a march in the Qalqiliya-area village of Azzun in the northern West Bank.

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Palestinian Youth Shot And Injured As Israeli Occupation Quells Peaceful Protest

On Friday a Palestinian youth was shot and injured and dozens others suffocated by tear gas fired by Israeli forces as the latter suppressed a peaceful demonstration demanding the opening of the eastern entrance of the town of Azoun to the east of Qalqilia, according to local sources.

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PIC Image

PIC Image

Israeli Policeman Who Killed Palestinian in Negev Released From Jail

An Israeli court on Friday released a policeman suspected of shooting dead the Palestinian young man Sami Ja’aar a month ago in Rahat town in the Negev.

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Political Arrests and Prisoners

Maan Image Archive

Maan Image Archive

Israeli Military Court Sentences For Palestinians In Jerusalem On Friday

The Magistrate court in Jerusalem sentenced on Thursday the 22-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Mahmoud Abdellatif Abu Khdeir for 9 months of actual imprisonment and a fine of 9 thousand NIS.

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Politics and World

Palestinian President Vows Harsh Steps If Israel Keeps Stealing Palestine’s Tax Revenues

President Mahmoud Abbas warned Friday that the Palestinian Authority (PA) would take harsh steps if Israel continues to illegally withhold the tax revenues it collects on behalf of the PA.

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Palestinian Foreign Ministry Slams Murder of Three Muslim-Americans

The Palestinian foreign ministry Saturday strongly condemned the ‘heinous’ Chapel Hill killing crime which took the lives of three Muslim-American students, including two Palestinian females, at the hands of ‘an extremist American’ in North Carolina.

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Israeli Occupation Releases Palestinian schoolgirl, Malak al-Khatib, After 2 Months In Prison

Israeli authorities on Friday released 14-year-old Palestinian schoolgirl Malak al-Khatib after a two month prison sentence.

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Palestine Government Wants Role In Probing Terrorist Killings Of Chapel Hill Muslims 

The Palestinian government on Saturday condemned as “terrorism” the killings of three young Palestinian-Americans in North Carolina and called on U.S. authorities to include its investigators in the probe.

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