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Israeli Occupation Guards Assault Four Palestinian Prisoners, Impose Sanctions

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RAMALLAH, February 16, 2014 (WAFA) – Israeli Ofer prison administration imposed sanctions on four Palestinian prisoners after having been severally beaten by Israeli guards at the waiting area at Ofer’s military court.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC), in a statement, reported on the prisoners’ lawyer saying four prisoners were attacked by the prison guards at the court’s premises.The prisoners were identified as Taha Samhan, Mohammad Suliman, Mahmoud Badran and Motaz Nofal.

All four prisoners sustained injuries and bruises throughout their bodies and dislocated Suliman’s shoulder.

Following the incident, the prison administration imposed reprisal sanctions on the prisoners, including a month-ban on family visitations and purchasing from the prison’s cafeteria, in addition to five-days in solitary confinement.

Prisoners detained in Israeli jails are witnessing unbearable conditions, including being subjected to torture and abuse by Israeli forces, and the inhumane living situation below the accepted standards.

Affidavits of prisoners regarding abuse were largely reported.

The Palestinian-Israeli negotiations had been at a standstill following Israel’s failure to release the fourth group of Palestinian prisoners in order to continue negotiation talks for nine more months. Israel’s refusal came after President Mahmoud Abbas’ declined to back out on applying to international legal and United Nations bodies.


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