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Palestine Prisoners’ Committee Appeals To Help Prisoners As Fierce Storm Approaches

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RAMALLAH, February 18, 2015 (WAFA) – As a possible winter storm is expected to hit the region over the weekend, the Detainees and ex-Detainees Affairs Committee Wednesday called upon the international red crescent and other international humanitarian organizations to promptly intervene and provide Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails with the much needed winter supplies.

As the Palestinian territory is expected to be affected by a cold front at the end of this week, the committee appealed for the provision of heating methods and warm winter clothes and blankets to Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli cells that fail to meet the minimum standard conditions.

Palestinian prisoners are held in overcrowded cells that lack basic health standards, including the infestation of insects and rats, extreme cold and lack of heating methods, and wastewater leakage into their cells, which further aggravates their already poor conditions.

Last month, the Palestinian region was hit by an extremely cold storm, which further aggravated the Palestinian prisoners situations, particularly the sick, whose health conditions severally deteriorated by the extreme cold, given the prison administrations already existing policy of medical negligence.

On January, the committee issued a report highlighting prisoners situation in light of the frosty storm that prevailed across the region, stating that, “prisoners in Israeli jails, estimated at around 6,500 female and male prisoners, including more than 350 minors, who are suffering from the extreme cold and rainwater leaking into their cells, which tripled their suffering in light of the lack of heating methods and warm blankets and clothes by the prison administration.”

The number of sick prisoners detained in Israeli jails has reached 1,500, of whom 80 prisoners are suffering from serious health problems and do not receive the necessary treatment. They suffer from malignant diseases, paralysis, and disabilities, in addition to cases of mental illness and neurological disorder.

To be noted, the frosty storm that affected the Palestinian Territory on January claimed the life of a newborn infant whose home was bombarded during the 51-day of Israeli aggression on the Gaza strip during the summer of 2014.



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