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14 Year Old Anemic Palestinian Prisoner Khaled Al-Sheikh Is A “Threat” To Israel’s Security

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PNN/ Jerusalem

14 year old teen Khaled Al-Sheikh from Beit ‘Anan village West Jerusalem was kidnapped by Israeli forces and detained since Dec 25, under the pretext of throwing stones on Israeli soldiers.

Khaled’s father, Hussam Al-Sheikh told PNN that Israeli forces have kidnapped his son on the 25th of December, where he was taken to the Benyamin police center for investigation.

Hussam met his son the same day at midnight. He said that signs of beating were apparent on his face. He added that Khaled was moved to the Ofer prison in Ramallah where he appeared before three courts. The last court accused him of throwing stones and burning ties, and every court extends his detention period and rejects financial bail.

Khaled’s father added that his son was going through hard times in addition to the brutal beating he takes. “The first time I saw him in court, his hands and legs were cuffed. He was prevented from talking to us,” Al-Sheikh told PNN.

He added that his son had Anemia, and his last test showed blood HGB level of 8, and that this was his biggest concern.

“I don’t know whether he [Khaled] is taking his drugs or not, since he had a special diet and medicines”

He voiced that when he told the court judge his son’s condition, he considered Khaled “a security threat to Israel.”

Khaled’s father was shocked of the court decision, since that a man in his fifties can imprison and judge children.

“The normal place for children is their school or playground and not prison,” he concluded.

Child abuse cases in Israeli prisons are very familiar.

According to Census Department of the Palestinian Commission of Detainees report, Israeli forces kidnapped 3755 children in the last four years, including 1266 in 2014.

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