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Headlines From Palestine: March 4, 2015

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Israeli Occupation Naval Gunboats Continue To Target Gaza Fishermen Offshore

 Israeli naval gunboats Wednesday fired at Palestinian fishermen offshore al-Sudaniya to the northwest of Gaza.

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UN Envoy Says Israeli Occupation Must Investigate Killing Of 1,500 Gaza Civilians

A United Nations envoy Tuesday called on Israel to investigate the killing of about 1563 Palestinian civilians, one third of them children, during the 2014 offensive on Gaza, and to make the findings public

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Demolitions And Expulsions

Israeli Occupation Seals Off Palestinian Stone-Cutting Factory Near Hebron

The Israeli authorities Tuesday sealed off a stone-cutting factory and seized a lorry in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, according to local sources.

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Israeli Occupation To Ethnically Cleanse Bedouin Naqab Village

Conformations erupted on Wednesday in the Arab village of Sa’wa in the Naqab desert, after Israeli police and bulldozers broke into the unrecognized village, along with orders to demolish tens of homes, according to local and media sources.

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Political Arrests And Prisoners

 Israeli Occupation Forces Detain Seven And Summon Three Palestinians

Israeli forces detained early Wednesday seven Palestinians, including four minors, and summoned three others from Hebron and Jenin districts, said security sources.

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Israeli Occupation Denies PLO Officials Entry To West Bank From Gaza

Israeli officials on Tuesday prevented ten PLO officials from entering the West Bank via the Erez crossing with Gaza, officials said.

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Palestinians In Scotland Condemn School Materials Labeling Them “Terrorists”

The Association of Palestinian Communities in Scotland today condemned inflammatory teaching materials given to young children in a North Lanarkshire school which seeks to demonise Palestinians.

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