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Rats Invade Israeli Occupation Prisoner Cells Where Palestinians Are Held

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PNN/ Bethlehem

The Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails on Sunday made official complaint to the Prisoner studies center, regarding the spread of rats and insects in the waiting rooms, prisoner warehouses and even cells, without the least concern of the prison administration on this phenomenon.

Ill prisoner, Mustafa Breijiyya (29) from Bethlehem, during his transportation to the hospital of Ramla prison, said that the waiting room in was filled with insects, rats and cockroaches, which exhausts the prisoners physically, mentally and psychologically.

A previous report by the prisoners committee which PNN received said that the Eshel prison in Beersheva, which holds about 300 Palestinian prisoners, was but a den for rats and insects. Prisoner Ali Husseim from Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem was bitten by a large rat which invaded his room (room number 14 in section 10) at Eshel.

The female Palestinian prisoners in Hasharon prison as well suffered from the spread of rats in their cells.

Prioner Muna Qa’dan told lawyer of Tadamon human rights association, that “a big number of rats have invaded their cells and bitten their belongings, destroying a large amount of garments and blankets.

In another report, prisoner Nusayba Jaradat (26) was bitten in the foot by a large rat, causing her poisoning. Later she was taken to the prison clinic for treatment.

Palestinian prisoners club report showed that 80 prisoners in Nafha jail also complained about the same issue, since their cells lack the basic life requirements, and are also filled with insects.

The prisoners and folks in Jalbou’ prison presented an official complaint about the issue. When they tried to get rid of a rat, the prison administration brutally attacked them and imposed collective punishment on all prisoners.

Expert at prisoner affairs and director of Prisoner Studies center, Raafat Hamdouneh, demanded international human rights association, especially the red cross, to take action and make systematic visits to the cells, to check on the living conditions and appropriateness of cells, and their matching international conventions and criteria.


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