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Israeli Occupation Orders Construction Work On Mosque In Palestine To Stop

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TUBAS, March 23, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli authorities Monday ordered to stop the construction work on  a mosque in the village of Kardala in Tubas, located within the Jordan Valley to the south, under the pretext of ‘unlicensed building’, according to head of Waqf in Tubas Hassan Shahadeh.

Israeli forces ordered the construction work on Abd al-Rahman mosque to stop as well as confiscated construction equipments.

Shahadeh said that the Israeli authorities set a date for a court hearing on the April 13 to determine whether to allow the resumption or suspension of the construction work.

To be noted, preventing Palestinians from building in that area is reportedly aimed at forcing the indigenous Palestinian population out of their land as a prelude to seize it.

The Waqf official said that Israel continuously aims at displacing Palestinians in that area, through the ongoing demolition of homes and seizure of properties.

According to the International Middle East Media Center, “Israel aims to empty the Jordan Valley of Palestinian residents, who are mainly Bedouin, as it plans to keep the area under its control in any future deal with the Palestinians.

Palestinians, on the other hand, say the Jordan Valley, which makes up almost a third of the West Bank, is vital for the future Palestinian state both economically and politically and will not accept any Israeli presence there in any possible future peace deal.



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Blogging from Gaza-current events, news and actions against the Occupation.

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