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Headlines From Palestine: March 31, 2015

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Israeli Occupation Shoots And Injures 3 Palestinians In Gaza

Three Palestinians where shot and injured by Israeli forces in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, a medical official said Monday.

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West Bank And Occupied Lands

Israeli Occupation Forces Partially Demolish Palestinian Home Near Jerusalem’s Old City

Israeli bulldozers demolished part of a home belonging to the Amr family in the Wadi al-Juz neighborhood east of Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday.

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Political Arrests And Prisoners

Israeli Occupation Arrests 10 Palestinians From Jerusalem Including Two 15 Year Olds

The Israeli forces arrested 10 Jerusalemites on Monday early morning.

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Palestine Joins ICC Today

The Palestinians formally gain membership of the International Criminal Court on Wednesday with the aim of pursuing Israelis for war crimes, despite uncertainty over the move’s wider ramifications.

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ICC Launches Investigation Into Israeli War Crimes

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has commenced a preliminary investigation into Israel’s crimes and settlement activities in the Palestinian territories, a senior Palestinian official said Monday.

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The Occupation

Israeli Militarisation Of Youth In Pictures With The *Bad Guys* Wearing Palestinian Scarves)

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Blogging from Gaza-current events, news and actions against the Occupation.

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