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Israeli Occupation Forces Injure Palestinian With Live Fire In Jenin

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JENIN (Ma’an) — A Palestinian was injured with live fire as Israeli forces raided the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank early Wednesday.Palestinian security sources told Ma’an that Israeli forces opened fire at Ahmad Salim al-Nurasi, 22, in the Jenin refugee camp injuring him in the right leg.

Al-Nurasi was taken to the Jenin Governmental Hospital where his injury was reported as moderate.

According to witnesses, Israeli forces detained Ahmad Qarini, 20, and Abd al-Karim Abu al-Fuz, 19, from the camp.

An Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma’an Israeli forces entered the camp during an operation to detain individuals suspected for involvement in terror activity. Upon entrance into the camp, she said, residents threw explosives at Israeli forces, who responded with live fire directed towards their lower extremities.

The spokeswoman added that no arrests were made as Israeli forces were not able to locate the wanted suspects.

Witnesses told Ma’an Israeli forces fired dozens of tear-gas bombs and stun grenades at youths as they responded with rocks and empty bottles.

The Jenin refugee camp is home to over 16,000 Palestinian refugees, 42% of which are under the age of 14. Residents have historically faced high levels of unemployment, overcrowded schools, and are still rebuilding from extensive damage endured during the second intifada.

Israeli forces routinely conduct night raids of towns and villages throughout the West Bank, carrying out an average of 75 raids a week on West Bank Palestinian neighborhoods and villages, according to Israeli news source Haaretz.

A Jenin camp resident was shot during such a raid earlier this year in mid-January, making today the second such incident since the beginning of 2015.


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