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Headlines From Palestine: April 15, 2015

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Israeli Occupation Navel Forces Open Fire At Gaza Fishermen

 Israeli naval forces opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of Gaza City Wednesday morning.

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Black Friday

Internal Israeli probe of Occupation Forces invasion of Rafah,Gaza on ‘Black Friday’ declares response proportionate




Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish 4-Story Palestinian Residential Building In East Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces Tuesday morning have flattened a residential building that’s under construction,  and consists of 4 stories in Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, under the pretext of having no building permit.

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Palestinian Employee Assaulted In Israeli Workplace

A Palestinian working in Israel was assaulted in his workplace during a dispute over a “broken mobile phone screen,” his father calling for Israeli accountability for mistreatment of Palestinian workers.

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Israeli Occupation Forces Detain 30 Palestinians from Nablus, Bethlehem Districts

Israeli forces detained early Wednesday 30 Palestinians from Nablus and Bethlehem districts, said security sources.

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Israeli Occupation Forces Detain Palestinian Mother Of Three From Her Home In Bethlehem

Israeli forces detained a Palestinian woman early Wednesday from her home in the al-Doha village in Bethlehem, a prisoners’ rights group said.

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Israeli occupation demolished 3 Palestinian homes belonging to the Assaf family in Dahamash village, despite court’s order preventing it.

Israeli extremists smashed headstones in a Christian cemetery in the village of Bar’am in Galilee area.



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Blogging from Gaza-current events, news and actions against the Occupation.

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