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Headlines From Palestine: April 16, 2015

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 Israeli Occupation Authorities To Demolish Palestinian Home, Issue Stop Work Order To Another

Israeli Authorities Wednesday notified a Palestinian resident in the village of Dirat to the east of Yatta town in southern Hebron, of intentions to demolish his house, while another local received a notice ordering him to stop the construction work on his home, according to a local activist.

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 Israeli Occupation Forces Close Down Main South Road, Town Entrance in Hebron

Israeli forces Wednesday blocked off the main entrance leading to Beit Ummar town north of Hebron, and shut down the Jerusalem-Hebron main Road, hampering Palestinians’ movement, according to a local activist.

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Israeli Occupation Charges Soldier For “Reckless, Negligent Act” Instead Of Murder For Killing Palestinian Youth. Israeli *Justice*

Israel’s State Attorney’s Office notified the High Court of Justice (HCJ) that in the case of Palestinian youth Samir ‘Awad it had decided to file an indictment for the minor offense of committing “a reckless and negligent act using a firearm” without specifying which of the involved soldiers to stand trial.

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Israeli Occupation Bans Palestinian Sheikh From Al Aqsa For Three Months

A Palestinian sheikh on Wednesday was banned from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound for three months after Israeli authorities claimed he posed a danger to security forces and Israeli visitors

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Israeli Occupation Military Courts Extend Detention Of 26 Palestinians

Israeli courts extended the detention of 26 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails on Wednesday, a prisoners’ rights group said.

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Israeli Occupation To Apply Absentee Property Law To Palestinian Property In East Jerusalem

Israeli occupation’s higher court on Wednesday decided to apply the “Law of Absentees” on Palestinian structures in occupied Jerusalem, that are owned by Palestinians who live in the West Bank and hold the Palestinian ID.

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British Parliamentary Candidates Show Majority Support For Lifting Gaza Blockade

British Candidates standing for election to Parliament in May have shown their support for an immediate lifting of Israel’s blockade of Gaza in an email survey co-ordinated by Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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