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Israeli Occupation To Apply Absentee Property Law To Palestinian Property In East Jerusalem

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PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli occupation’s higher court on Wednesday decided to apply the “Law of Absentees” on Palestinian structures in occupied Jerusalem, that are owned by Palestinians who live in the West Bank and hold the Palestinian ID.

The law allows the Israeli authorities to confiscate properties which seem to have no owners.

The court judges conditioned this law to be applied in East Jerusalem (inhabited by a majority of Palestinians), through a command by the authority or a tasked ministrant committee.

According to Stop The Wall organization, The Absentees’ Property Law (1950) is one of Israel’s major legal instruments for seizing Palestinian property.

“By classifying every citizen or persons present in an enemy” territory or country as an “absentee” vis-à-vis property in Israel, the law has served to confiscate the land and real e state left behind by the Palestinians who were forcibly displaced 1948. It is still in effect and used to confiscate Palestinian properties more than six decades later.”

“In 1967, all Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) theoretically became “absentees” vis-à-vis their property in East Jerusalem which had become “Israel” as a result of the illegal annexation. Israel’s annexation and extension of the Absentees’ Property Law to occupied East Jerusalem violates international law and has been strongly condemned by the United Nations. “


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