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Headlines From Palestine: Prisoner’s Day April 17, 2015

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14 Year Old Palestinian Khaled AlSheikh Released After 4 Months Of Captivity In Israeli Prisons

Hamas parliament imposes additional 10% tax on businessmen importing goods into Gaza

‘Thousands’ Of Palestinian Homes Threatened With Demolition By Israeli Occupation

“Where will we go,” asks eight-year-old Tiba Qeren, saying goodbye to the family home that, like those of many other Palestinian citizens of Israel, is condemned to demolition for failing to meet planning rules.

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Israeli Occupation illegally confiscated (stole) 2 Palestinian owned construction cranes yesterday near Nablus, West Bank, Palestine


7 Palestinians Injured By Occupation Forces During Protest Near Ramallah

Seven Palestinians were injured with rubber-coated steel bullets during clashes with Israeli soldiers following a march by prisoners’ rights groups near Ofer jail in Beitunia on Thursday.

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Israel’s War On Truth: 20 Palestinian Journalists Being Held In Israeli Prisons

Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian journalist on Wednesday after raiding his home in Nablus, bringing the total number of journalists imprisoned by Israel to 20.

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Palestinian Factions Condemn Israeli Occupation Prison Conditions For Palestinian Prisoner

Palestinian political factions on Thursday condemned “aggressive policies” against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, a week after the death of Jaafar Ibrahim Awad, 22.

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Palestinian Mother To Serve 2 Years In Israeli Occupation Prison Following House Arrest

A Palestinian mother of six arrived at Israel’s Ramla jail on Wednesday to serve the remainder of her prison sentence, after spending 38 months under house arrest.

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PLO: Israeli Occupation Must End Captivity Of Palestinian People

Senior PLO official Hanan Ashrawi on Friday marked Palestinian Prisoner’s Day by demanding that Israel end its “captivity” of the Palestinian people under occupation.

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Fearing sanctions? US & Israel sign 10yr agreement: US will provide Israel with oil if Israel not able to acquire it on International market

Religious Equality? Not In Israel. Town Cancels Christian Baptism Ceremony

Residents, officials, chief rabbi and Yad L’Achim succeed in blocking missionary baptism of Jews, after it was already thwarted once.

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