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Bodyguards For Illegal Squatter, Israeli FM Lieberman Barred Palestinian Farmer From His Fields

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Lieberman’s bodyguards bar Palestinian from harvesting his field

The farmer was taken in for questioning after arriving in his wheat field just outside the settlement where the minister resides.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s bodyguards prevented a Palestinian farmer with a field near the settlement of Nokdim from reaping his wheat. Their claim was that “he was too close to the fence.”

Lieberman lives in Nokdim, and because of its sensitive location he is guarded by personnel from the Shin Bet security service. On Saturday, a Palestinian farmer (who wishes to remain unnamed) came to his field to reap his wheat, not far from the settlement’s fence. He was accompanied by activists from the Rabbis for Human Rights organization, since he had previously complained that he was subjected to harassment by security guards in Nokdim who often try to restrict his movement.

Immediately upon his arrival, the settlement’s security coordinator appeared on the scene, also summoning military forces. The army called on Lieberman’s bodyguards who arrived from Nokdim and took the farmer in for questioning. He was released after one hour.

“These actions lead to a de facto annexation of private Palestinian land to the settlement, robbing it from its rightful owners,” sources at the Rabbis for Human Rights organization told Haaretz. “It’s particularly grave that bodyguards of a cabinet member are taking part in this process of removing farmers from land which lies outside Nokdim and its security zone.”

The Shin Bet said in response to queries from Haaretz that “bodyguards operate under the authority given to them by law and by government decisions. With a report of an unusual approach of a Palestinian to the fence, close to the time the minister was about to travel out of Nokdim, a need arose to involve his bodyguards. The Palestinian was asked to accompany them for questioning and verification of details, whereupon he was released.”


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