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Christian-Islamic Committee Warns of New Excavation Under Palestine’s Al-Aqsa Mosque

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PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Islamic-Christian Committee to Support Occupied Jerusalem and Holy Sites, Thursday warned from a new project by Israeli occupation, which started conducting tunnel excavations beneath the homes in Silwan village, Old Jerusalem, and heading towards Al-Aqsa mosque.

The committee said that the tunnel was a continuation to the extremist Israeli plans against Al-Aqsa mosque, which aim on establishing the proclaimed temple mount after ruining the mosque, adding that the tunnel and settlement projects paved way for more dangerous violations and settlements in the city.

To his part, General secretary of the committee, Dr. Hanna Issa said that the excavations are considered war crimes, since they obliterate holy places and heritage sites, erase the Arab Islamic identity and conceal the Antiquities, to claim an Israeli right and identity by theft and military force.

“This tunnel comes in a series of flagrant violations by the Israeli occupation against Jerusalem, and so, these moves attempt to erase the Arab and Islamic heritage are null and void in the international law and the U.N. conventions.”

The committee in a statement which PNN received said that Israel with these excavations opens war on the holy sites in Jerusalem, since it is carrying on with illegal plans, for the goal of establishing the proclaimed temple mount, other than the continuous Zionist claims to prove Talmudic possessions for political colonization.


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