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Israeli Occupation Court Releases Prisoner From Jail To House Arrest

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JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli central court released prisoner Amaal al-Shawish, 48, on the condition of being under house arrest and paying a fine of 15,000 shekels ($3,800).Amjad Abu Asab, head of the Jerusalem Prisoners Families Committee, said that al-Shawish has a court session on April 29, 2015.Al-Shawish was detained on March 4 while visiting her son Muhammad Jawdat al-Shawish in the Negev Israeli jail when she was accused of attempting to smuggle mobile phones into the prison.Her son Muhammad is currently serving five years in Israeli prison.Before her release, al-Shawish was one of over 6,000 Palestinians currently held in Israeli jails, many of which are detained without trial, charged with insufficient evidence, and denied family visits in contravention to international law.Al-Shawish’s heavy fine is the result of ongoing Israeli policy of routinely charging fines to Palestinian detainees upon their release from Israeli jails. The Palestinian Authority generally paid such fines on behalf of Palestinians held in Israeli jails until March 2015. At the time the ministry was paying 13 million shekels ($3.65 million) a year to Israel, spending up to 4,000 shekels on each fine, according to PA committee of prisoners’ affairs, Issa Qaraqe.All lawyers who worked with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody were notified at the time that they should avoid any plea bargains with the Israeli prosecution that includes payment of fines.”This is a dangerous policy and blackmail whose goal is to incriminate the legitimate Palestinian national struggle against occupation,” Qaraqe announced during the PA policy change regarding payment of prison fines.In 2013 prisoners’ rights group the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society reported that Israeli prisons had also been issuing fines for the minor infractions without legal basis. While fines appear relatively small for minor infractions, between 300-800 NIS ($80-$200), payments cause financial hardships on the prisoners and their families, and prison time is extended if the fines are not paid.


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