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Israeli High Court Releases Two Terrorists Charged With Attacking Palestinian, Destroying Property

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Two Released in Bat Ayin ‘Price Tag’ Case
One adult and two minors arrested Friday for alleged ‘price tag’ and related attacks released; Honenu seeking to ease conditions.
By Tova Dvorin

One adult and one minor from the illegal settlement  Bat Ayin were cleared for release on Friday, after Supreme Court Justice Daphne Barak-Erez accepted an appeal over their arrests.

The three defendants include two 16-17 year-old boys from the community and a 19 year-old named as David Or Shahar.

One of the youths is charged with a count of obstruction of justice, and is accused of having been in contact with Elad Sela, the IDF soldier accused of revealing state and military secrets three weeks ago. Sela allegedly passed to the youth information about upcoming arrests of community members, and the youth warned others.

According to the indictment, the three are accused in several cases of racially-motivated attacks, including charges of attacking a Palestinian Arab worker as well as IDF officers who attempted to break up the altercation.

The three are also accused of throwing rocks at Palestinian vehicles outside Bat Ayin, as well as cutting down olive trees and tagging the orchard with the phrase “Arab thieves and Price Tag.” The damage is estimated to amount to about 30,000 shekels ($7,698).

Justice Barak-Erez ruled that Or-Shahar will remain in custody until being processed in the probation system; the minor, however, will be released to house arrest outside West Bank and will be closely monitored.



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