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Israeli Extremist Groups Seize Three Palestinian East Jerusalem Homes

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PNN/ Jerusalem/

Groups of Israeli settlers on Wednesday morning seized three apartments in Silwan east Jerusalem neighborhood, under the Israeli absentee property law.

The law was ratified in 1950 by Israeli occupation authorities. The arbitrary and discriminatory law defined an “absentee” as a person who “at any time” during the period between November 29, 1947 and Sept 1, 1948 “was in any part of the Land of Israel that is outside the territory of Israel (meaning the West Bank or the Gaza Strip) or in other Arab states.” In this context, the term “absentee” refers to all Palestinians who were expelled or forced to leave, and it can also be applied to those Palestinians who remained in the territory occupied by Israel. Under the Absentee Property law, “every right an absentee had in any property shall pass automatically to the Custodian at the time of the vesting of the property.”

Local sources from the city said that the settler groups, heavily guarded by Israeli forces, broke into the neighborhood d at about 1:00 AM, and seized three homes that are property of Abu Nab Jerusalemite family. The court ordered the evacuation of these apartments for the favor of settlers.

Sources said that Israeli forces opened stunt grenades at anyone who tried to approach.

On April 16 this year, Israeli occupation’s higher court on decided to apply the “Law of Absentees” on Palestinian structures in occupied Jerusalem, that are owned by Palestinians who live in the West Bank and hold the Palestinian ID.

Following the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip, the same law was also applied to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza; even though Palestinians never moved from their homes or were absent, they fell victim to the racist law because Israel illegally annexed Jerusalem and unilaterally changed the boundaries of the city.


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