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Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Homes In Northern West Bank Village

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QALQILIYA (Ma’an) – Israeli troops stormed and searched several houses while raiding the northern West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum in Qalqiliya at dawn Wednesday.
Mansour Ubeid and Ayman Eshtawi, whose houses were ransacked, told Ma’an that Israeli forces turned over the interior of their houses and “intentionally sabotaged personal property,” adding that the forces used police dogs during the inspection.
Houses of Ali Barham, Abd al-Mannan Juma, Suleiman Ubeid and Mahir Shtewi were also searched, according to coordinator of a local popular committee in the village Murad Eshtawi.
During the attack on the Juma household, Israeli forces “violently” assaulted the family’s son Mahdi, 30, bruising his body, according to Shtewi. An Israeli army spokeswoman did not have immediate information but told Ma’an she was looking into the incident.
Eshtawi said that ongoing Israeli military attacks, sabotaging of personal property and frequent military checkpoints were “aspects of collective punishment” in response to a weekly demonstration residents of Kafr Qaddum organize to protest closure of the main road to the village.Protests are held every Friday in Kafr Qaddum against Israel’s closure of a main road linking the village to its nearest city, Nablus, as well as against the Israeli military occupation more generally.
Kufr Qaddum residents have been denied access to this closed road since 2002, which is opened only for residents of the nearby illegal Qedumim settlement that is built on 4,000 dunums (400 hectares) of private land of Kafr Qaddum locals.Israeli forces consistently carry out night raids in Kafr Qaddum in retaliation against the protests, which have been ongoing for over three years, Eshtawi told Ma’an previously.
In 2013, Israeli forces regularly erected a checkpoint at the entrance of the village in the morning of weekly protests, and declaring it a closed military zone in order to prevent the weekly march from taking place.

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