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PLO Calls For Boycott Of Extremist Right-Wing Israeli Coalition Government

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Donia Al-Watan
The Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation slammed the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government saying the newly formed right-wing government is a clear indication that Israel intends to continue, even deepen, its racist policies against the Palestinian people and their rights.

“The Israeli government’s new members represent symbols of racism similar to those who fostered the apartheid regime in South Africa and elsewhere, if not more extreme,” the committee said in a statement yesterday.

The Executive Committee called on the international community to isolate the new Israeli government politically and to condemn its former policies that aim to subjugate the Palestinian people, warning that these policies will be deepened under the new government.

“It is impossible in today’s world to see a government with this formation and orientation, and whose members are extreme enemies of peace and the Palestinian people and their rights,” the statement said.

“This extreme government will encourage the looting of Palestinian land and enact laws that safeguard racism and stealing the Palestinians’ rights,” it added.

The statement called on Palestinian factions to end their internal divisions and unite and on the Palestinian people to stand against Israeli policies until they achieve their national aspirations for independence and a just peace.

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