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Over 850,000 Palestinians Detained By Israeli Occupation Since 1967

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RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — In light of the 67th commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba, prisoners’ affairs committee head Issa Qaraqa said that Palestinian prisoners today are facing a legal Nakba carried out by the Israeli government and its security services.Qaraqa estimated Wednesday that Israeli authorities have detained over 1 million Palestinians since 1948, as over 850,000 Palestinians were detained since 1967 alone, according to Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-detainees.

Around 9,000 Palestinian detainees were held in Israeli camps following the end of the 1948 war that established the state of Israel, Qaraqe said. Prisoners were reportedly held in five detention camps including Atlit and Sarafand, in addition to jails that Israel inherited from the British Mandate and temporary detention camps set up in Palestinian villages from which residents were forced out.As there was not a policy for detention by Israel during and directly after 1948 war, Qaraqe added, execution of prisoners was common and revealed through documentation of many group executions carried out for detained civilians.Large numbers of Palestinians who were left homeless, ran away from massacres, as well as those arrested were the reason that Israeli leaders built detention camps. Camps were run on the basis that any prisoner that needed to be released or “gotten rid of” must first receive approval by an intelligence officer, Qaraqe said, adding that speedy executions without trial were often carried out in these camps.Qaraqe said that detention camps were supervised by members of the Irgun, Haganah and Stern groups whose brutal treatment of Palestinian detainees was well-documented.Qaraqe said that the ongoing Israeli occupation and imprisonment of thousands of Palestinians since 1948 consecrates the longest colonization in history.

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