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Talks Dissolve Between Israel And France Over UN Resolution On Palestine

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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Meetings between Israel and France fell apart last week after an argument erupted over French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius’ revived attempt to advance a resolution on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the United Nations Security Council, Israeli media reported Thursday.

As the annual consultations between Israel and France on diplomatic and security issues are typically held to emphasize commonality and coordination between the two countries, the fall out was exceptional and came after mounting tensions between the two, according to Israeli news source Haaretz.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry had allegedly received information revealing that the French had been discussing a draft resolution in both Paris and New York with the Palestinians, Arab states and several members of the Security Council, Haaretz reported.”You are speaking with the whole world about your initiative, just not with us,” diplomats told Haaretz Israeli FM said, “You seem to have forgotten that we are also a party to this and that you ought to involve us, too.”The disagreements came shortly after Fabius agreed to stall putting forth the resolution until a nuclear agreement is reached with Iran.

The UN draft solution being pushed by Fabius initially failed months ago, after Palestinian leadership disagreed with resolution’s final amendments.The original resolution set a two-year timetable for concluding a peace treaty, without mentioning the withdrawal of Israeli forces.


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