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Israeli Terrorists Chop Down, Seize 800 Palestinian Olive Trees Near Hebron

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HEBRON, May 17, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli settlers Sunday chopped down and seized about 800 olive trees belonging to Palestinians near the town of Shuyukh, east of Hebron, according to a local source

A local activist told WAFA that settlers from the illegal settlements of ‘Bani Kadim’ and ‘Asfar’ broke into an olive-planted area near the town, before proceeding to  chop down and seize some 800 olive trees owned by local residents.

Illegal Jewish settlers have repeatedly attacked Palestinian property and worship places. Settler violence includes property and mosque arsons, stone-throwing, uprooting of crops and olive trees, attacks on vulnerable homes, among others.

Settler violence against Palestinians and their property takes place almost on regular basis and is rarely prosecuted by Israeli authorities.

According to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, Israeli security forces do not always deploy in advance to protect Palestinians from settler violence, even when such violence could be anticipated. “In some cases, rather than restricting violent settlers, Israeli security forces impose restrictions on the Palestinians.”

There are over 500,000 Israeli settlers living in settlements across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in contravention of international law.



Author: OccPalGaza

Blogging from Gaza-current events, news and actions against the Occupation.

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