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France Promises US To Delay Palestine-Israel UN Security Council Resolution

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PNN/ Paris/

Diplomatic western sources today said that France vowed to the US administration, to delay presenting its project to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) which aims on relaunching the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, and Palestinian statehood recognition.

The French draft was presented to both Israeli and Palestinian officials, in addition to the European Union, the Arab League and the US administration for observation and remarks.

The French projects suggests a UNSC issue resolution in September to relaunch the talks between Palestinians and Israelis, and puts an 18-month plan to recognize Palestinian statehood.

The project also suggests Jerusalem as a capital for two countries, Israel and Palestine. However, if the project fails to pass, France will recognize Palestinian state.

Barghouthi previously told PNN that the French initiate content will be studied for either approval or decline, voicing that there are issues that cannot be accepted in it, including considering Jerusalem a united capital for two states, which conceals an Israeli domination on Jerusalem, in addition to keeping the Israeli military in the Jordan valleys with no time frame, and letting go of the right of return for compensation.

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