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France’s Foreign Minister: “There is no peace and security without justice for the Palestinians”

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France’s top diplomat, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, said he would travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories in June to try to revive the peace process and persuade all sides to accept a French UN Security Council resolution that would set parameters for negotiations. “We are for a two-state solution. We need to ensure Israel’s security, that’s obvious. But there is no peace and security without justice for the Palestinians, but let’s be frank justice hasn’t been given to the Palestinians,” Fabius said.

France recently handed a working document to Arab League countries in preparation of a Security Council resolution that would set a timeframe and the exact parameters of a new peace initiative between Israel and the Palestinians. “I will go, before the end of this month, to Egypt, the Palestinian territories and Israel to speak to their leaders. We want the negotiations to restart between the two sides and that this negotiation is put within an international framework,” Fabius said.


Senior aides to the French top diplomat said the visit would take place ahead of a final round of nuclear negotiations between the P5+1 – the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany – and the Islamic Republic of Iran at the end of June.

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