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Israeli War Crime Settlers Reportedly Set Palestinian Wheat Crops On Fire In Kafr Al-Lebed, Tulkarem

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PNN/ Tulkarem/
A group of Israeli settlers last night have deliberately burned the wheat crops of Rafiq Jbara from Kafr Al-Lebed village near Tulkarem, stretching in vast land areas.

The Mayor of Kafr Al- Lebed, Ziad Jab’iti said that the wheat was deliberately  and completely burnt down by the settlers.

The people then had to call military coordination and civil defense to put out the fire.

Villagers following the attack voiced the need for defense against such incidents. They added that it was not the first time where settlers burn agricultural lands, which are the the only source of income for the villagers. In  addition, they demanded compensation for the losses out of this violation.

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Blogging from Gaza-current events, news and actions against the Occupation.

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