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We Shall Overcome! Palestinian Company Develops Tempered Glass After Denied Import By Israel

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PNN/ Hebron/

After Israeli occupation authorities banned Palestinians from importing tempered (anti-bullet) glass, The Shweiki Brothers Industrial Commercial Company  (SBIC) in Hebron developed a new kind of glass which can be used in Banks and associations that need protection.

In addition to banning import of the glass itself, Israel banned the manufacturing company (SBIC)  and the  Palestine Standards Institution (PSI) from importing a gun chronograph; an instrument used to measure the velocity of a bullet, which the testing of glass could not be done without.

Despite specifying numerous restrictions, the instrument was still banned from import. Therefore, it had to be carried out by the Preventive Security Forces to find its resistance  against bullets.

The glass passed the international Specifications and Standards and received certificate of quality from PSI.

Head of the Technical Services at PSI Hebron, Eng. Ibrahim Jabareen said that the process was carried out according to the international standards of Laminated anti-bullet glass.

Jabareen added that having the glass tested in Palestine saved much time and effort for the manufacturers and added the new expertise for the working teams through holding such testings. He also added that getting a quality certificate boosts the quality of and faith in the national product, which can be a changing point in the Palestinian field of manufacturing.


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