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Palestinian Prime Minister Hamdallah Tenders Resignation

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PNN/ Bethlehem/

A source in the central committee of Fatah said that President Mahmoud Abbas may offer Hamas a share in the next government which will be formed as a national and factional Palestinian government.

Palestinian media sources said that if that Hamas refuses this proposal, Abbas may reinstall Hamdalla as Prime Minister in which case the government will be formed from factions or as a technocratic government.

The Fatah source clarified that current Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdalla will present his resignation to President Abbas who will meet with him tomorrow to discuss the formation of a new government. The source did not rule out the possibility of Hamdalla’s reinstatement as Prime Minister for a second term in the next government, confirming that the current government will continue in its operations as per normal until a new government is formed.

Sources pointed out that Dr. Rami Hamdalla had requested that Abbas sack Minister of Culture, Ziyad Abu Amr, Minister of Finance, Shukri Bashara, and Minister of Education, Khola a-Shakhshir, but Abbas preferred to form a new government without sacking the three ministers.

President Abbas will announce the dissolution of the government to the Fatah revolutionary council in the coming hours.

Local sources told PNN this morning that president president Abbas wanted to dissolve the current cabinet lead by Hamdalla, and form a new one.

A communication between Hamdalla and Abbas occurred last night during which the two men agreed that Hamdalla would present his resignation on Wednesday and leave his position, according to a governmental source in the Central Committee.

Spokesman for the national consensus government, Ehab Bisesou, confirmed the resignation of Dr. Rami Hamdalla. He stressed that the meeting between Hamdalla and Abbas tomorrow will discuss the prospects of the government’s work and the possibilities of resignation or reinstatement.

Bisesou added that: ‘The prime minister had requested for months an amendment and an expansion of the government’s activities to allow them to fulfill their obligations, in particular after the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip’.

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