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Israeli Occupation Forces Detain 21 Palestinians, Summon Three From West Bank Districts

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BETHLEHEM, August 4, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces detained early Tuesday 21 Palestinians and summoned three others from various West Bank districts, said security sources.

Israeli forces raided ‘Aida refugee camp to the north of Bethlehem, where they detained six Palestinians after breaking into their houses.

The detainees were identified as Hazem Abu ‘Aker, 22, Srour Abu Srour, 18, Muhannad Ja‘ara, 18, Ahmad al-Mashayekh, 22, Samed Hammad, 20, and Layth Nasrallah, 18.

Forces also proceeded to summon two minors during the predawn raid. Both Ahmad Ja‘ara, 15, and ‘Abdullah Hammad, 16, were handed notices ordering them to turn themselves to Israeli intelligence in the ‘Gush Etzion’ detention and interrogation center.

Forces also raided Ash-Shawawra village to the east of the city, where they summoned a Palestinian.

Muhammad Ad-Dar‘awi, an ex-detainee who was recently released from an Israeli prison following a 13 year imprisonment, was handed a notice ordering him to appear before Israeli intelligence.

Meanwhile in East Jerusalem, Israeli police detained nine Palestinians, including six Islamic-Waqf appointed guards and two minors, from inside Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

The detained guards were identified as Majdi al-‘Abbasi, Fadi Bakir, Ra’ed Zughayir, Majd ‘Abdin, Ahmad Abu ‘Alya and Husam Bader

The other three detainees were identified as Radwan ‘Amr, Manuscripts Director as well as two minors Amir Bilbaisi and Muhammad al-Hashlamun.

This came as tensions rose in the holy city as police assaulted Palestinian Muslim worshippers and Islamic Waqf-appointed guards, injuring two guards identified as Suleiman Abu Mayyala and Hamad Badran.

Abu Mayyala and Badran were assaulted after they confronted a group of settlers who forced their way into the Mosque compound via al-Maghariba (Moroccan) Gate. Among the group was a settler who attempted to hoist the flag of Israel inside the compound and chant racist slogans. Police intervened and escorted the settler out of the holy place.

In the meantime, forces raided Nablus city, where they detained a Palestinian after breaking into and ransacking his house in ‘Iraq At-Tayeh area. The detainee was identified as Fadel al-Masri, 20.

Furthermore, forces stationed at Huwwara military checkpoint to the south of the city stopped and detained a Palestinian. The detainee was identified as Anas Darawsha, 26, coming from ‘Awarta town to the south of the city.

Forces also stormed Madama village to the south of the city, where they detained a Palestinian after storming and ransacking his house. The detainee was identified as Anas Ziadeh, 20.

In the meantime in Hebron district, forces detained three Palestinians after breaking and wrecking havoc into their houses in al-Fawwar refugee camp to the south of the city.

The detainees were identified as Suhayb aT-Titi, 18, ‘Izzat and ‘Ala al-‘Azza.

Israeli forces also stormed the Yatta locality of Khirbet Shi‘ib al-Butm, where they cur barbed wire fence erected around plots of land belonging to local Palestinians.

One of the Palestinian landowners was identified as Yousef al-Jabbarin.

Israeli soldiers raided several Hebron neighborhoods and set up checkpoints at the entrance of the old city neighborhood of Tal‘at Abu Hadid, the northern entrance of the city as well as Sa‘ir to the northeast of the city, where they stopped and examined Palestinian registered vehicles and inspected passengers’ identification cards.


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