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US Congress pushing sanctions against PA for signing Geneva Conventions-Why is US scared of this?

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — US Congress members are calling for action to be taken against the Palestinian Authority in response to the applications to join 15 international treaties, Palestine’s envoy in Washington said Sunday.

Maen Areikat told Ma’an that some pro-Israeli US representatives have voiced their demands to impose sanctions against the PA, which including ceasing financial aid.

Areikat said the US administration realizes the importance of the PA’s role in the peace process and the importance of financial aid in the current stage.

“We did not hear any indication by the US administration about taking action against the PA,” Areikat said, explaining that stopping financial would will have negative repercussions for US interests.

He also said they would not affect plans to seek international recognition.

Areikat highlighted that the Palestinians should remain on guard and make their positions clear to Congress members.