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Israeli Occupation Refusing To Repair Disconnected Gaza Electricity Grid- While Gaza Experiences Heat Wave

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza’s electricity distributor has accused Israel of refusing to repair a 12 megawatt grid supplying power to Gaza City that became disconnected in Israeli-controlled territory on Thursday.

The Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation said in a statement on Tuesday that the loss of the al-Qubba electricity grid was having a serious effect on the power supply to Gaza City, which has suffered an insufficient supply for years. The statement said that Gazan technicians would need to enter Israeli territory to repair the disconnection, requiring special permission from the Israeli military, but this has so far been denied.

The statement said that Israeli authorities were neither allowing Gazan technicians in, nor was the Israeli electricity company making any efforts to repair the damage.Gaza currently receives electricity from the Israeli electricity grid, the Egyptian electric company, and from a power station inside Gaza.However, these supply lines fall far short of the Gazan population’s needs. While they provide 230 MW of electricity, it has been estimated that Gaza requires 350 to 450 MW.Israel and Egypt have maintained a severe blockade of the Gaza Strip for the last eight years that has crippled the coastal enclave’s economy by limiting imports, exports, and movement of people.Although the power plant inside Gaza has a potential output of 140 MW it has been unable to produce that much due to Israeli restrictions on fuel imports.Last summer the plant was targeted during the 50-day Israeli offensive on Gaza, completely knocking it out of commission. The Gaza power authority said at the time that the damages from the attack could take up to a year to fix completely.Gaza suffers 12 hours of power outages each day. Many individual homes have their own generators, and households can purchase extremely expensive fuel that comes into Gaza for private consumption.

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Israel Okays Turkish Floating Generator for Gaza: PA Official

By Anees Barghouthy


Israel has preliminarily granted permission to a Turkish generator ship to anchor off the coast of the Gaza Strip to provide the power-starved Palestinian enclave with electricity, a Palestinian Authority (PA) official has said.

“Israeli authorities have given preliminary approval to the Turkish power-generating ship to anchor at the nearest point off the coast of the Gaza Strip,” Hussein al-Sheikh, head of the PA’s civil affairs department, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday.

He said Israel had initially rejected the idea when it was first proposed.

“But they’ve given preliminary approval in recent days,” he added.

Al-Sheikh said the PA and United Nations were pressuring Israel to give the project final approval.

Al-Sheikh praised the role played by Turkey in providing help to the blockaded Gaza Strip’s roughly 1.9 million residents.

Earlier this week, Turkey announced the allocation of $200 million for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip until 2017 as part of international efforts to rebuild the enclave, which was devastated by a recent Israeli war.

For seven weeks in July and August, Israel pummeled the Gaza Strip with the stated aim of halting rocket fire from the embattled Palestinian territory.

More than 2,160 Palestinians were killed during Israel’s onslaught – the vast majority of them civilians – and some 11,000 injured, while vast swathes of the territory’s infrastructure were left in ruins.


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Israeli Occupation Refused To Allow Turkish Electricity For Gaza

(Ma’an News)

With regards to the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip, PM Hamdallah said that the government has been spending 2 million Shekels ($600,000) a day to buy diesel needed to run the Gaza Strip’s sole power plant, which was bombed by Israel and is running under-capacity.
In addition, Hamdallah government had managed to sign an agreement with the government of Turkey to get a floating electric power station to the Gaza coast with the capacity to generate 105 Megawatts.
However, he said that Israel had opposed the idea and there have been efforts at the international level to convince Israel to allow the power ship to anchor off the Ashdod coast and supply the Gaza Strip with electricity.

Israel severely limits Gaza’s imports of fuel, leading to recurring shortages and running blackouts of up to 18 hours a day even in peace time.