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Apartheid Media: Israeli Occupation Orders Shutdown Of Palestinian Television Station


Israel’s public security minister has decreed that a new Palestinian TV station geared towards Palestinian citizens of Israel cannot broadcast from Israel for six months.

Gilad Erdan signed an order on Thursday barring the Palestinian Authority-funded station F48, or Palestine 48, from operating from its headquarters in the Northern Israeli city of Nazareth. The decision was made because of the Palestinian Authority’s role in the station, not because of questionable content being shown on the channel.

Erdan said that he does not want “Israel’s sovereignty to be harmed” or for the Palestinian Authority to gain a “foothold” in the country.

Last month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the head of the Communications Ministry to work on shuttering the station. Netanyahu urged ministry staffers to investigate the channel’s legality, particularly with regard to Palestinian Authority funding.

Riad Hassan, head of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, called the move “illegal” and said that two Israeli companies who produce content for the channel will contest the action in Israel’s Supreme Court.

The channel, which debuted on air last month, will continue to produce content from its other headquarters in Ramallah, in the West Bank. Hassan has said the station’s goal is to illuminate the “social, cultural and economic difficulties” of Israeli Arabs.

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Headlines From Palestine: October 09, 2014

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Ma'an Images

Ma’an Images

Minister: Reconstruction Material to Enter Gaza Next Week

Palestinians will be able to begin importing reconstruction material into the Gaza Strip through Israeli-controlled crossings starting next week, Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh said on Wednesday.

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PA Presidential Guards , Ma'an Images

PA Presidential Guards , Ma’an Images

Palestinian Presidential Guards to Secure PM Hamdallah’s Visit to Gaza

Over 50 members of the presidential guard will accompany Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on his visit to Gaza on Thursday, officials told Ma’an.

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REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA  -

REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA –

Israeli War Destroyed Gaza Antiquities

The small museum in al-Zanna village, bordering Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, represented the fruits of Abu Alian’s antiquity collection for over 32 years. He collected around 5,000 antiquities dating back to the Bronze, Stone, Roman, Byzantine and Modern ages.

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30 Ministers to Participate in Cairo Conference to Rebuild Gaza

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday that some 30 foreign ministers and more than 50 delegations will participate in the Cairo conference focused on rebuilding Gaza on Sunday

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West Bank and Occupied Lands

Ibrahimi Mosque, Hebron. Photo courtesy of Palestine Remembered

Ibrahimi Mosque, Hebron. Photo courtesy of Palestine Remembered

Israeli Occupation to Close Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslims for Jewish Holiday

Israeli forces will shut down Hebron’s Ibrahimi mosque to Muslim worshipers from Sunday morning to Monday evening to allow right-wing Jews to visit the holy place during Sukkot holiday.

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Media Freedoms Violations in Palestine During September 2014

September has witnessed a limited number of violations against journalists comparing to July and August, which witnessed the bloodiest and most severe violations in the history of the Palestinian media.

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Palestinian Ambassador to UN Affirms Government Will Go to ICC if no Dead-line for Withdrawal is Set

The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations said Thursday his government will join the International Criminal Court if the UN Security Council refuses to set a deadline for Israel to withdraw from all Palestinian territory.

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AP Photo Majdi Mohammed

AP Photo Majdi Mohammed

Putin: Russia Willing to Recognize Palestinian State

Visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin praised his Palestinian counterpart Tuesday for what he said was a “responsible” position in negotiations with Israel, frozen for nearly four years, and said Russia had no problem recognizing a Palestinian state.

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Media Freedoms Violations in Palestine During September 2014


Ramallah- 3/10/2014- MADA: September has witnessed a limited number of violations against journalists comparing to July and August, which witnessed the bloodiest and most severe violations in the history of the Palestinian media. These bloody violation committed in the previous months were due to what the Israeli occupation forces have committed during their attack on the Gaza Strip, which resulted the death of 17 journalists and media workers as well as the injured and the destruction of media outlets.

The Palestinian center for Development and Media Freedoms monitored a number of violations against journalists and freedom of expression committed by both the Israeli and the Palestinian sides. All of these violations were committed in the West Bank, where a number of them were against journalists and media workers and the other violations were against civilians for expressing their views through social media.

Israeli violations:

The Israeli occupation forces continued attacking Palestinian journalists; the most severe was targeting the AFP photographer and shooting him with a bullet after he was covering the IOF killing two Palestinians in Hebron on 23/9. Also beating, detaining and investigating with Ro’ya TV correspondent Ahmad Barahme (aged 24) and Zeinat Al-Quds network Riyad Qadriyye for around 5 hours. They both were heading off for a journalistic tour in Jerusalem. On 24/9 the IOF also assaulted Al-Falastiniyya TV cameraman and the journalist at Panet agency Ahmad Jalajel (aged 35) as well as Quds Net agency photojournalist Diala Jwehan and tried to prevent them from covering the procedures taken by the IOF in Jerusalem during Jewish feast celebrations.

Palestinian violations:

The Intelligence service in Bethlehem arrested the political activist and Asda’ correspondent Qutaiba Saleh Qasem (aged 26). They detained him for 24 hours and investigated with him about his posts on Facebook on 7/9. On 19/9 The Palestinian intelligence service and national security officers arrested “Filisteen Al-Yaum” TV producer Mujahed Mohammad Al-Sa’di (aged 26) in Jenin, detained him for 36 hours and investigated with him about his posts on Facebook. In Tulkarem they detained the freelance journalist Yazeed Khader (aged 50) for 24 hours after investigating with him. The preventive security forces arrested the journalism student at Birzeit University and the head of media club Bara’ Al-Qadi (aged 22) for nine days for his writings on Facebook. They also arrested other citizens for their writings on Facebook.


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns all these violations committed against journalists, media workers and activists. MADA demands the international community to put pressure on the Israeli government to end these violations against journalists and to guarantee their right to cover the events and to express their opinion freely.

MADA demands the Palestinian security forces again to stop prosecution of journalists and social media activists for their views, especially that the basic law guarantees the freedom of expression. Besides, there is no justification for the detention policy, since the law gives anyone the right to litigate in cases of defamation. Besides, the trend worldwide is towards either not implementing existing provisions allowing arrest and prosecution of journalists and those who express publicly their opinion, or amending national legislations to prohibit explicitly such measures. MADA also urges journalists and activists to improve the wording of their criticism and avoid using insults, libel and blasphemous language.

MADA also expresses its concern and rejection of ejection of Israeli newspapers “Haaretz” correspondent Amira Hass from Birzeit University. Hass is well known for her professional coverage of the violations against human right of Palestinian people. As well as the attack committed by Al-Najah University security against a number of students who protested against the visit of the American Consulate members. The assault caused a break in the student Mohammad Abu Awwad’s hand, besides injuries to other students, especially that freedoms should be guaranteed for all inside the universities campuses.