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Palestinian Prisoner Held In Solitary Confinement Since April 2014 By Israeli Occupation

RAMALLAH, August 26, 2015 (WAFA) – The Israeli prison authorities placed a Palestinian prisoner in solitary confinement back in April 2014, and continues to detain him until this moment in cruel conditions, according to the Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs (CPA).

Prisoner, Issam Zain Eddin, 31, from Nablus, has now been in solitary confinement in Asqalan prison since April of last year, and has been forced into a cell that lacks the basic humanitarian standards, according to his attorney, Kareem Ajwa, who was recently allowed to visit him.

Zain Eddin, who is suffering stomachache and skin rashes, has also been denied medical healthcare as well as family visitation rights by the prison authorities, Ajwa added. Zain Eddin was arrested back in 2006 and is serving a life sentence.

The prisoner has requested to enjoy his right in family visits, but was denied repeatedly. According to Zain Eddin the prison administration transfers prisoners placed under  solitary confinement from one prison to another regularly and on purpose to build on their sense of instability.

Borrowing the description of Zain Eddin, solitary confinement cells resemble graves. The prisoners, who are cut off from the world, have to endure the unbearable living conditions and lack of connections with the outside world.

CPA, Chairman Qaraqe Issa, said some 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are serving a sentence of +15 years in prison, including 30 prisoners serving a 20-year jail sentence.

He stressed, in a statement Wednesday, that any political or peace initiative shall include the release of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.

To be noted, solitary confinement is widely used in Israeli prisons against Palestinian political prisoners, and has at times led the prisoners to go on hunger strikes.

Detainees in solitary confinement are held in empty cells containing only a mattress and a blanket, and rely on the Israeli Prison Service to address all other needs.

Adalah, a Haifa-based human rights group, says that “solitary confinement of Palestinian political prisoners who are classified as “security prisoners” is doubly harsh because of the restrictions imposed on their contacts outside of prison, even when they are not held in isolation.”

“All types of solitary confinement in prison should end, given its severe impact on the physical and psychological health of prisoners,” Adalah adds.

“Solitary confinement constitutes cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment and thus violates the International Covenant Against Torture (CAT) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The Israel Medical Association and Ministry of Health should strongly oppose its use as a method of imprisonment.”


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Headlines From Palestine: November 4, 2014


  • Israeli occupation reopens Gaza border crossings- Egypt continues to keep Rafah crossing closed
  • Israeli Occupation confiscated all flowers of a Palestinian flower shop in Beit Hanina
  • Four homes in Silwan were destroyed by the Israeli Occupation
  • US Announces $7.5 m Contribution to the World Food Programme for Food Assistance in West Bank
  • Israeli occupation navy opened fire on Gaza fishing boats off the coast of Al Sudaniya


Ma'an Images

Ma’an Images

Palestine Government Asks Israeli Occupation for Additional Gaza Border Crossing

The Palestinian Authority has asked Israel to open a new terminal for transferring goods from Israel into Gaza, senior Palestinian sources have told The Times of Israel.

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(AFP Mahmud Hams)

(AFP Mahmud Hams)

309 Human Rights Groups Call on EU to Hold Israel Accountable for War Crimes in Gaza

More than 300 human rights groups, trade unions and political parties from across Europe called on the EU to hold Israel accountable for its massacre committed in Gaza earlier this year by suspending the EU-Israel Association Agreement, the main treaty between the EU and Israel.

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 West Bank and Occupied Lands

Ma'an Images

Ma’an Images

Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Palestinian Homes in Silwan

Israeli forces raided the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan early Tuesday and demolished two two-story buildings, residents told Ma’an.

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The international community considers all Jewish settlements built on land seized in 1967 -- such as Givat Zeev -- to be illegal (AFP/Menahem Kahana)

 (AFP/Menahem Kahana)

Israeli Occupation Approves Hundreds of Squatter Housing Units in East Jerusalem

Israel approved Monday plans for some 500 new settler homes in east Jerusalem, only days after a government pledge to build the structures drew Palestinian ire.

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Political Prisoners

Ma'an Images

Ma’an Images

Israeli Occupation Arrests 4 Palestinians, Summons 2 for Interrogation in West Bank

Israeli forces early Tuesday arrested four Palestinians from across the West Bank districts, as well as summoned two others for interrogation, said security sources and a local activist.

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Israeli Occupation to Transfer Palestinian Political Prisoner to Bethlehem for Treatment

A Palestinian prisoner jailed in Israel will be transferred to the West Bank to receive psychiatric treatment for a mental health issue, a lawyer said Monday.

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Haaretz Photo by Ilan Assayag

Female Prisoners Face Harsh Imprisonment Conditions in Israeli Occupation Prisons

Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs said on Monday that 17 female Palestinian prisoners, held in the Israeli jail of Hasharon, are currently facing harsh imprisonment conditions, including medical negligence and denial of family visits.

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Former Palestinian Prisoner in US Denied Deportation to West Bank After Serving Sentence

A Jordanian-born Palestinian charged for 1982 airline bombing sought to be deported to the West Bank upon completing his prison sentence last year, The Associated Press reported Monday.

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Erekat: Israeli Occupation Squatter Home Plan ‘Slap in Face’ of US

Israeli plans for roughly 500 new settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem are a “slap in the face” of the United States and the international community, a top Palestinian official said

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Another Discriminatory Law: Knesset Passes Legislation Limiting Palestinian Prisoners’ Releases

The Israeli parliament, Knesset, passed on Monday a bill limiting release of Palestinian prisoners accused of murdering Israelis under ‘serious circumstances.’

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Sweden to Grant $200 million to Palestine

Sweden is set to give Palestine up to 1.5 billion kronor ($200 million) in aid, Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom has announced, hours after it became the first European Union country to officially recognize Palestine as a state.

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15 Palestinian Prisoners Held in Solitary Confinement for 3 Months by the Occupation

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Fifteen Palestinian prisoners being held in solitary confinement reached their third month there, prisoners said on Saturday.The fifteen prisoners are being held in solitary confinement after they were moved from the Jalbou and Shatta prisons on June 12 as punishment for “attempts to dig tunnels,” prisoners told the a lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society.

Since then, the prisoners have been kept in solitary confinement at the Gilboa, HaSharon, Ayalon, and Nafha prisons.

Prisoners at Nafha prison, meanwhile, said that raids into prisoners’ cells at the facility have been increasing.

Prisoners at Nafha said that “repression units” raided a room overnight, using weapons to assault prisoners and handcuff them with plastic cuffs.

Around 5,500 Palestinians are currently being held in Israeli prisons, including hundreds without charge or trial.

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Palestinian Political Prisoners On Day-Long Hunger Strike Mourning Cellmate

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails announced a day-long hunger strike Wednesday to mourn fellow prisoner Raed al-Jabari, who died in Israeli custody the day before, a Palestinian official said.In a letter smuggled from prison on Tuesday, prisoners said the one-day hunger strike was in protest against the “Israeli occupation’s aggressive policy against prisoners,” Issa Qaraqe, the chairman of the Prisoner Affairs Commission, told Ma’an.

Qaraqe said Tuesday that prisoners held the Israeli Prison Service responsible for al-Jabari’s death.

He accused the Prison Service of killing al-Jabari, saying his body would be taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at al-Quds University for an autopsy on Wednesday.

Attorney General Abd al-Ghani al-Uwewi chose the director of the institute, Saber al-Aloul, to carry out the autopsy tests.

Raed al-Jabari, 35, died in Israel’s Soroka Medical Center after being moved there early Tuesday.

Qaraqe told Ma’an at the time that al-Jabari was being transferred from Ofer prison to Eshel prison, and that he was “tortured while being transferred.”

Israeli Prisons spokeswoman Sivan Weizman told AFP he had hanged himself in a bathroom at Eshel prison.

She said a medical team had tried to revive him but that he was pronounced dead on arrival at Soroka hospital in the city.

“A prisoner hanged himself in the toilets,” she told AFP, saying a team of paramedics, as well as prison officers, had tried to resuscitate him.

Around 7,000 Palestinians are currently being held in Israeli prisons, more than 2,000 of whom were arrested over the summer alone.