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Israeli Occupation Summons Top Christian Cleric For Protesting Takeover Of Church Property Near Hebron

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HEBRON, June 27, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces summoned Saturday morning a leading Christian cleric after participating in a march protesting the Israeli settlers’ takeover of al-Baraka church compound near al-‘Arrub refugee camp between Hebron and Bethlehem, said activists and a cleric.

Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia Atallah (Theodosios) Hanna was summoned by Israeli forces while participating in the march against the illegal takeover of al-Braka church compound.

Hanna was handed a notice to appear before Israeli intelligence in al-Maskobiya interrogation and detention center in Jerusalem.

Other local media outlets reported that Hanna was in fact detained.

Local Coordinators for the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements, Hassan Briggah and Rateb Jabour said that the march was organized in protest of Israeli ‘Defense’ Minister Moshe Yaalon’s approval of the renovation of Beit al-Baraka church compound as a prelude to build a new settlement outpost in its place.

To be noted, a group of Palestinian Christian clerics and anti-settlement and wall activists took part in the march, including Atallah, and al-Baraka Presbyterian Church Pastors, Danny and George Awad. 

In anticipation of the march, Israeli forces cordoned off the area and physically attacked  protestors, causing several to suffer from bruises and injuries.

Presbyterian Church pastor Georhe ‘Awad condemned the takeover and sale of the church compound by Israeli settlers and called upon relevant institutions and churches all over the world to support his church to restore the compound.

“Ten years ago, the Presbyterian Church in Palestine foiled an attempt by Israeli settlers to divert and takeover Beit al-Baraka and demonstrated its ownership of the compound,” said Awad.

The church compound has recently turned into a scene of ongoing Palestinian marches against its takeover, while Israeli forces continue to violently quell protestors and beat them up each time.


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